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Mother beats son to death; thought he was gay

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Jessica Dutro abused and tortured her four-year-old son. One such beating killed him. According to an April 2 report by KATU, the Oregon mother did this because she thought her son was gay.

Dutro's attorney's claim that her boyfriend, Brian Canady, was responsible for the child's death. A plea deal has already been made for the boyfriend. At the time of publication, the details of the plea deal were not known.

Jessica Dutro beat her son in front of another child. The other child was only seven years old. The mother, son and her boyfriend were living in a shelter in Tigard.

Dutro believed that her son was gay. It was unknown what made her think the little boy was gay. The prosecution called the mother a “narcissistic liar” and that the beatings was “systematic dehumanization” of the the little boy.

The boy's mother was found guilty of killing her son. Jessica Dutro “appeared stoic” when the judge read the jury's verdict. Despite her appearance when the verdict was read, she had been seen wiping tears from her eyes during the actual trial.