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Mother arrested for duct taped toddler

Toddler duct taped in "game".
Toddler duct taped in "game".
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  • Lana, Working Mom Examiner 6 years ago

    How horrible! What kind of mother allows this to happen to her child? A game?

  • Belinda 6 years ago

    Well they are saying the mother wasn't there but who plays those kinds of games? Very scary!

  • Camille 6 years ago

    A game????? What the heck kind of sick game is THAT??

  • Ashlyn 6 years ago

    Game or not, this kind of game should NEVER be played in front of a child, let alone WITH a child. Children are nieve and fearless, it is the parent's place, expecially at this young age to make healthy and safe choices when the child is unable to. To ever say that this kind of thing is ok because the child wanted to play , is absolutely upsurd and disturbing! As a parent myself, I would NEVER allow such a game to be played in my house with adults and if anyone ever even joking said they would try this with my children they better pray that the police get to them before I do!!!

    Our children have enough hardships to worry about in this world, why on Earth would we as there provider want to create more for them? why don't some parents see children as a gift, as they should? Why is it so hard to see that children are the BEST and most precious miracles on Earth? I can not fathom not loving and protecting my wonderful gifts an I can not understand why other parents can!

  • Liz in Indiana/cold brrrr 6 years ago

    Just sick what some folks call games. I think these people are nuts and don't appreciate what God gave them. Children are indeed a gift.

  • charlene 6 years ago

    This doesn't look like a game to me. Duct taping a toddler is
    very painful. Even more when the tape is removed. I hope parents
    become aware of these so called "games". I hope the people
    involved know this is not a game to the child in the end.

  • Keith 5 years ago

    A game?? Right. Sounds to me like...."Hey, want to play a game. We are going to duct tape you all up. All the adults do this, its ok." The babysitters would not be walking if i ever found out something like this happened to my son.

  • Nancy Kachine 5 years ago

    Could you imagine what the tape did to that precious baby skin on his face???? Pour little guy, he trusted the adults in his life to let him 'play' a 'game' with them (the greatest wish of all toddlers) and this is what happens to him!

    SICK people

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    wait til the kid is in school and searches on his parents. I think this may bust up the relationship.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    omg what white trash didnt even think there was a problem with this? i hope that kid grows up to rise above all those losers....i hate and i hate to use the word hate..but i hate people who hurt innocent kids.....if you play that game with my son it would be the biggest mistake of your life...cause i will haunt you at every court hearing every step of the legal process....notice i refuse to use violence and stoop to your level

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I agree that a babysitter shouldnt do it. But my kids love to play with tape. They tape there nose up, to look like a pig or put tape on their mouths and put lips on the tape... they have even taped the other ones arms and feet and put tape on his mouth and pretended that one was a cop and the other was a bad guy, and we dont own handcuffs so they used tape instead (cops and robbers)...Come on... havent you ever used the nylon put it over your head and watched as you pull it off, how contorted your face looks... Never laughed so hard in my life. Knowing my kids as I do and if this little boy is anything like mine, most likely it really was a game, obviously it doesnt look like a game in the split 'Second' that it takes to take a picture.

  • Nicky 2 years ago

    Well the toddler asked for it! They shouldn't be actually held guilty.

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