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Motörhead is back

Lemmy Kilmister
Lemmy Kilmister
Renee Silverman

“I’m back from the dead,” exclaimed Lemmy Kilmister as he ambled on-stage before the sold-out May 11 concert at Club Nokia. In 2013 Motörhead was forced to postpone their European tour because of Lemmy’s health issues; subsequently he was implanted with a heart defibrillator for an irregular heartbeat.

The 68-year old godfather of heavy metal well known for hard drinking and heavy smoking has since cut back on his Marlboro Reds and Jack Daniels and now rides an exercise bike. With his health issues under control, Motörhead is set to tour, promoting their 21st album ‘Aftershock’, and tonight was the first show of the tour.

Looking healthy, but maybe a little thinner, Lemmy took the stage opening with the appropriate “I Know How to Die.” The audience cheered wildly as the iconic frontman stood with his signature Rickenbacker bass and high tilted microphone delving head first into the loud bombastic assault known as Motörhead. Lemmy’s distinctive guttural voice sounded a little weak on opening but after a few songs his energy and vocals came alive. It was the old Lemmy and he was indeed back.

Since the 1990s, Motörhead guitarist, Phil Campbell and drummer, Mikkey Dee, have been members of the band and tonight they were more than raring to go.

Inspired by Hendrix, Iommi, and Page, Phil Campbell’s guitar playing exemplifies those of that era and embraced by a diverse audience who had no problem showing their appreciation with generous applause, lots of beer tossing and a never-ending mosh pit.

Mikkey Dee, who joined Motörhead in 1992, previously played with King Diamond and Dokken. The Swedish drummer is famous for his drum solos which he displayed during the song ‘Mr. Rock’. The fans ate it up and showed their appreciation by applause and raised devil horns.

Playing an ear-bending and explosive, ‘Killed by Death’, the audience was in full-blown overdrive, moshing and keeping security on their toes. After the song, the lights went out and everyone wondered if they would come back for an encore. When the lights came up, Lemmy announced his special guest Slash. The crowd went wild as they played ‘Ace of Spades.’

Despite his health problems and the postponed tour, Lemmy seemed in full swing and physically fit to continue with the tour this time around. With great new tunes from 'Aftershock' and a catalog spanning decades these shows are sure to satisfy fans of all ages.

Check out Motörhead’s website to see where they’ll be playing and then buy a ticket and go.

Motörhead WEBSITE

Set List:

01. I Know How To Die
02. Damage Case
03. Stay Clean
04. Metropolis
05. Over The Top
06. Guitar Solo
07. The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
08. Rock It
09. Lost Woman Blues
10. Dr. Rock / Drum Solo
11. Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
12. Going To Brazil
13. Killed By Death
14. Ace Of Spades (w/ Slash)
15. Overkill (w/ Slash)

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