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MOT Brings Us Comic Book Opera

Fortuna the Time Bender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom
Fortuna the Time Bender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom
Milwaukee Opera Theatre

Have you heard any good comic books lately? No? Well, tune in and turn the page to Milwaukee Opera Theatre’s (MOT) upcoming premiere professional reading of Fortuna the Time Bender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom, a contemporary superhero operetta. Yes, you read that right. MOT’s latest offering is a new opera centered on superheroes— as in comic book superheroes. Fly out to Elm Grove and catch all the action of Fortuna and her schoolgirl rivals this week at the Sunset Playhouse Studio Theatre

This winner for most unique theatre experience is written and composed by Milwaukee’s resident musical comedy virtuoso Jason Powell. Hot off his previous success with Invader? I Hardly Know Her, Powell’s Fortuna is bound to please both fans of song and superheroes. But what, you say, is it about, besides timebending and doom-fortified schoolgirls? The plot seems a securely fortressed secret but it’s almost assured that good will triumph over evil, and prior to said triumph there will be songs lamenting and pontificating about the joys and woes of being a superhero, supervillain or superheroine (Fortuna is female). Splashy tunes like “The Powers Song” with clever lyrics like: You may discover that you can psionically / Read the inside of another man’s mind. / Or realize you can move supersonically / Faster by far than the rest of mankind.

The origin of Fortuna, relates MOT Artistic Director Jill Anna Ponasik, goes like this: Powell was commissioned by MOT to create a contemporary operetta. That was the easy part. The hard part came, Ponasik shares, when Powell found initial frustration coming up with a subject for the piece. That is until the following conversation took place. JILL: Jason, what do you like? JASON: Comic books. One year later Powell’s superhero musical is ready to be read and sung.

Each performance of Fortuna includes a post-show talkback with Powell, Ponasik and the super local league of talent featuring Julia Black, Lisa Buchmeier, Melissa Kelly Cardamone, Katy Johnson, Diane Lane, Rana Roman, Jon Stewart and Nathan Wesselowski.

See the adventures of Fortuna the Time Bender vs. The Schoolgirls of Doom this week October 28, 29 and 30 7:30pm at the Sunset Playhouse Studio Theatre. 800 Elm Grove Road, Elm Grove, WI Call the Sunset Playhouse Box Office 262-782-4430 or order online at $15 General Admission $12 Senior $7.50 Students. For more information on Milwaukee Opera Theatre visit


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