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Mosul and Tikrit fall to al-Qaeda group; Obama to give speech at high school

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Iraq's second largest city, Mosul, has fallen to an al Qaeda-linked terror group, as has Tikrit, the hometown of former dictator Saddam Hussein. Earlier this year, this city of Fallujah fell to these same terrorists.

It appears as though all the gains made by the U.S. military under President George W. Bush are being ceded back to the enemy without much of a fight now that Barack Hussein Obama is Commander-in-Chief. Thousands of American lives were lost in an effort to bring stability and democratic governance to Iraq, and now it's all slipping away.

So how is the Obama administration reacting to this news? Well, his Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is busy getting grilled by Congress over the release of five Taliban extremists from Gitmo in exchange for an apparent deserter. And the FBI has opened a criminal probe of the VA's treatment of thousands of veterans who were forced to endure long wait times for medical care.

The President himself is scheduled to fly to Massachusetts so he can deliver a commencement address this afternoon to a group of high school students.

Shades of Nero.