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Most travelers to Ireland use internet

Most travelers use the internet these days
Most travelers use the internet these days
XCom Global

XCom Global recently commissioned a survey on “Internet Usage While Traveling” to better understand international travelers. The survey was administered by an independent research company. A questionnaire was sent to people between the ages of 24 – 60 who travel overseas, with an equal divide between male and females. Over 1000 respondents completed the survey. More than 77% reported that they access the Internet while they travel, most using hotel wifi and over 50% using free wifi hotspots. Only 7.5% rented a mobile hotspot, yet over one third received expensive roaming charges from their cell carrier.

XCom recommends the use of services such as their international access internet rental service along with mobile hotspots. On your next trip to Ireland, be sure to investigate such possibilities.