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Most recent UFO sightings: Reports of where UFOs have been spotted most

The most recent UFO sightings have been in a number of places around the world so far in 2014. The latest ones in news have been in Texas and Vancouver, according to several reports.

There are tens of thousands of reports documented from those claiming to have witnessed a UFO. Where have there been other sightings?

According to Latest UFO Sightings, a vast list is compiled of where witnesses say unidentified flying objects have been present this year so far. Where are some of these places on the planet, and is there a specific area the unexplained objects are seen the most? Just a few of the several sightings are listed here.

In Sherman Oaks, Calif. on June 29 during the daytime, a sighting was reported. In Ottowa, Canada, an object was spotted at night on June 26. On June 21 in Santiago, Chile, a cigar-shaped UFO. Before that, an unidentified object was seen in the sky around northern Chile on June 16. Other most recent UFO sightings include: one in Argentina during a football match on April 11; "unknown lights" flying over the night sky in Murietta, Calif. on June 25; a sighting in Myrtle Beach, SC on June 23; a spotted object in Washington, DC on June 28; on April 24 and June 9 in Thailand, UFO activity and lights were spotted in the sky; Scottsburgh, South Africa saw daytime UFO activity during daytime hours on February 18.

For a full list of where activity for unidentified flying objects have allegedly taken place, go to this page. Each link has a blog post providing further information. There's even information detailing crop circles and aliens.

What are the most recent UFO sightings in you area?

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