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Most Recent News About "Batman vs Superman"

The highly anticipated "Batman vs Superman" film is still in pre-production, but details continue to slip out. Juicy tidbits about possible release dates, filming, costumes, casting and plot are scattered across both Batman and Superman fandoms, making it hard to figure out what is what. Instead of searching far and wide for details on this geeky action flick, look no further than these juicy details. While much of this is still subject to change and some details are little more than rumors, keeping up with the information released now and then is a great way to stir up enthusiasm for the sure-to-be hit film.

Release Date

The release date of the film was originally set for 2015. This date was recently pushed back to 2016, with a possible date of May 6. This puts the film right at the beginning of the summer rush, setting it up for summer success as a blockbuster smash hit. This date seems hard, and no further setbacks are expected. This means moviegoers have the freedom to mark the date on calendars to ensure prime seats in the theater. Hopefully, since the release date is set, this means that an official title announcement is soon to come.


Filming is a huge step in the production of any movie, and the filming of "Batman vs Superman" starts in early 2014. Ben Affleck has said that he is set to do the majority of his scenes in the summer of 2014, implying that filming is likely to take place over the course of the year. This leaves two years for filming, production and post-production work if the company sticks to its 2016 release date. The start of filming is an exciting time that often means a sudden influx of new information, such as plot details, behind the scenes images, official costume designs and promotional pictures.


Costumes are a huge part of superhero movies and action flicks. Unfortunately, there is little official word or confirmation on planned costumes. The staff of the movie seems to want to keep everyone in the dark on not only the title, but many other details, as well. However, there have been a few clues and hints on what to expect.

The planned costumes are intended to honor the histories of the characters. It is possible that this means a return to a traditional Batman costume instead of the armored versions popular in recent films. On the other hand, the costume designers want to ensure that the heroes are relevant in their costumes. This hints away from very campy costumes and implies a wonderful blend of superhero tradition and the recent love of gritty, dark and realistic themes in superhero movies.


Casting always raises a fuss in fandoms and fan circles, with hardcore fans of the superheroes debating whether or not the cast person is right for the role. Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in one of the most controversial choices for the movie. His film background proves, however, that he is more than qualified to give an accurate, entertaining and true-to-form version of the famous character. Henry Cavill reprises his role as Superman for the second main character.

Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor is another controversial casting option, but has given impressive shows in previous movies. For this unusual casting, only time can tell if it is a match made in Metropolis. It is likely his young age is enough to put an interesting new spin on the evil villain. Jeremy Irons as Batman's butler, Alfred, is a much more accepted casting choice that promises to provide an impressive version of the prim but funny side character.


The plot is another element kept tightly under wraps, but brief hints have been dropped about overarching ideas. Batman is likely to be a wiser, older version compared to the most recent Nolan iteration, freeing the movie from the common origin story plot that, while interesting, has been done many times before.

One of the most accepted details is that the movie is meant to set the scene for a future movie about the Justice League, which is an Avengers-style group of superheroes working together in the fight against evil. Both Batman and Superman are key members of the group, and some other members, such as Wonder Woman, are rumored to have brief appearances in the upcoming "Batman vs Superman" film.

As filming begins, more details are certain to be revealed, although with how much secrecy there is about the move it is likely that some things are bound to remain hidden until release. Keep an eye out for more information about plot and characters as the months roll by and scenes are filmed.

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