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Most popular apologetic articles of 2010

Best articles of 2010
Best articles of 2010

Colorado was a busy state this year. From atheistic billboards denouncing Christmas to pedophiliac books there was plenty to write about and engage the readers of Denver.

However, a few of these issues stood out in highly read or highly commented articles. And thanks to my inquisitive readers, one article had about 2000 hits in one day!

Well, here they are:

1. The most popular this season was my interview with Boulder atheist leader, Straus. Straus himself was pleasantly surprised how it was a well-balanced interview.

2. Atheist articles seem to be the most popular--at least by number of comments. The article, Political fear of atheists, brought out people from the woodwork.

3. The Christian issue of woman leadership in the church brought a lively discussion (it even went offline to my email account!).

4. When Ted Haggard made it back in Colorado news, I made sure I was not associated with him.

5. With a whopping 57 comments and about 2000 hits in one day my Jennifer Knapp's reasons for homosexuality article comes in as the most popular article of 2010.

Thanks to my readers' interest in my articles, I am about three to one in terms of number of pageviews compared to the average on this site.

Dear reader, feel free to add to this list of favorite articles in the comments below.

You can subscribe to these articles at the top of the page. Shawn is the pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in Denver.


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