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Most people on Twitter do not tweet

You may be one of the 241 million active members on Twitter at the end of 2013 but you do not actively partake in sending a tweet. That is not uncommon as Forbes reports. Based upon the 500 million tweets that are placed on Twitter each day, you may be only one of the 9 percent who have actually placed a tweet. It follows the guideline that the input of 10 percent generates 90 percent of the effect. The rule is 90-10-1 which is 1 percent is whales or large number of Twitter tweets.

Mike Tindall Tweets New Baby Name
Photo by Peter Macdiarmid

Twitter has never had a problem of membership and it is still at 140 characters for tweeters to place a comment and express their viewpoint. There are according to Twopcharts active members who actively log on to an account in at least once a month and still may never enter a tweet. There are 974 million exiting accounts listed at Twitter. So why is Twitter attempting to copy Facebook? It changed its page look and has over the years added additional items as video and photo tools so it could reach mobile platforms.

Facebook operates on sign up a friend to keep in touch and has over a billion users which Twitter does not have in its active count on the balance sheet. It is in this difference lies the issue. Twitter generates its revenue from promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. If over half of the original sign up people are not active and the statistics show that only 13 percent of the accounts have written more than 100 tweets the question is still being asked of Twitter on how they can achieve the hurdle? How can Twitter have the active connection that Facebook and WhatsApp has had with its followers?

If Twitter can achieve the activity of its accounts then it also supplies the answer of how Twitter can gain more money from paying promotional accounts.The social art of exchange is what social media is all about and how to capture it is a billion member question.

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