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Most insane headline ever: "Harry Smith Colonoscopy to Air Live"

Have you know decency, at long last?
Have you know decency, at long last?

But the sub-head is even worse: "Katie Couric Will Be There Wednesday as He Undergoes the Procedure." 

Maybe she's going to do a "live remote" from inside the colon walls.  She's pretty short.

Sure, getting a colonoscopy is important for people over a certain age, but do we really have to see it live and in color before breakfast?  And, doesn't this guy, CBS or Couric have any shame at all, that they're willing to willing bear their intestines for ratings. 

I'll bet the editorial boards even call it a "courageous decision" for Harry to show the inside of his intestines....Geez, it makes you want to move to New Zealand, or throw you TV out the window....

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