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Most influential chocolate candy bars: Kit Kat tops the list

Kit Kat beats Hershey's Chocolate
Kit Kat beats Hershey's Chocolate
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Kit Kat tops the list of the most influential candy bars of all time, according to Time magazine on Wednesday. The list of 13 chocolate bars names the treats which the magazine believes have made the greatest impact on the chocolate candy bar industry – and the world. The list was comprised following interviews conducted by experts and historians.

Details surrounding the Kit Kat honor includes that it was the first chocolate candy bar to ever be marketed as a social snack. Additionally, the candy bar was the first of its kind to turn into what the magazine calls a global obsession. Kit Kat also opened its first store in Tokyo last month. The products at the store include flavors of sweet potato, edamame, and wasabi. In spite of new flavors of Kit Kat that have come along, the original chocolate flavored-Kit Kat is the most popular.

The 13 Most Influential Chocolate Candy Bars: Time magazine

  1. Kit Kat
  2. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
  3. Toblerone
  4. Nestle Milk Chocolate
  5. Snickers
  6. Chicken Dinner
  7. Grenada Chocolate
  8. Scharffen Berger
  9. Cadbury Milk Chocolate
  10. Nestle Crunch
  11. Baby Ruth
  12. Milky Way
  13. Wonka Bar
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