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Most-hated companies in the United States

An old-fashioned McDonalds
An old-fashioned McDonalds

The most-hated companies in the United States are strongly disliked by the masses for a variety of reasons, according to the Huffington Post which revealed 24/7 Wall St.’s undesirable top 10 list on Saturday. The reasons that companies are not liked by people are varied.

One of the characteristics contributing to company being disliked is that it may have poor service which frustrates customers. Another characteristic is that the company may anger its employees with low pay or unpleasant working conditions. The third reason cited in the report says that the company may fail its shareholders with poor returns on their investments.

The 10 Most-Hated Companies in the United States

  1. McDonalds – It should be no surprise that McDonalds is on the list with its many negative headlines in the past year due to the employees concerns over low wages. Additionally, the company has embarrassed itself by making incredible recommendations to its workers to deal with their low wages. Finally, the firm took the employee assistance page of its web site down before it embarrassed itself again.
  2. Abercrombie & Fitch – This company’s CEO, Michael Jeffries, single-handedly made Abercrombie & Fitch unpopular by making negative statements about overweight people in the past. His past comments which surfaced in recent times indicate that he only wants “cool kids” in his stores.
  3. Electronic Arts – This game-making company bombed by releasing a SimCity reboot which was a disaster because it didn’t work upon release. After all the over-hype before its release, it was an incredible disappointment.
  4. Sears Holdings – This firm owns Sears and Kmart, and both of the stores have been “underperformers” in recent times. Chairman Eddie Lampert is reportedly getting low marks from most of the firm’s workers and less than stellar marks from its investors.
  5. DISH Network – What’s a hate list without a television-provider on the list in recent times? This time around, the dishonor goes to this firm for its poor customer service as well as its confusing contracts and its cancellations fees which are reportedly not right.
  6. Walmart – The hate cast on Walmart is mostly for its low wages for employees. Again this past year, workers took to the picket lines to protest the low wages – but it didn’t help their paychecks.
  7. JPMorgan Chase – The concern with this firm is its management and risk controls, according to investors. Reportedly there were trades that cost JPMorgan Chase billions of bucks.
  8. lululemon – Competition for this firm’s yoga-wear has increased in recent times. If that wasn’t enough, the firm’s chairman, Chip Wilson, ticked off many women by suggesting that problematic pants they were selling might not work on women of all sizes. What? He resigned, but the firm still continued to disintegrate financially.
  9. BlackBerry – Learning that many good things come to an end due to increased competition, BlackBerry has been out-marketed and out-sold by Apple an Samsung in the smart-phone industry.
  10. JC Penney – Changing the person in the CEO position at the firm bombed. Mike Ullman was replaced by Ron Johnson of Apple late in 2011 which made things worse – and they never got better since Ullman was brought back. Online sales are reportedly a disaster for JC Penney, too, which is essential in doing successful business in these times.
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