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Most hated car companies revealed in new study

Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

A new study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index shows the most hated car companies in the United States. MarketWatch reports on Tuesday that the results may surprise some car owners, and satisfaction with many brands has been falling. Acura was at the top of the list for most hated brand, but another car manufacturer should also be concerned.

Acura is not the only car brand that has dissatisfied customers. Dodge is listed as another company with satisfaction numbers slightly higher than Acura but still considered low by experts. Jeep, Audi and Mazda are the next brands listed in this category of unhappy consumers by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

The study also has information about some of the brands consumers love, and Mercedes-Benz takes the top spot. It is followed by Subaru and Lexus, and experts believe these brands have been able to find the right balance for their customers. However, love and hate is not limited to a particular brand, and there are specific cars that have been ranked by owners in the past.

A previous report found that the 2013 Acura RLX is frequently criticized by both owners and auto experts with the high price being a major point of evaluation. On the other hand, the 2014 Nissan Versa Note has a much lower price tag, but its features are a problem. In addition, the 2013 Dodge Dart has been the target of many hateful comments. It is important to note that both Acura and Dodge, the most hated brands in the current study, are represented in this list.

Although car owners may or may not agree with the satisfaction index, car manufacturers could be paying attention to it. It may force them to create different campaigns to improve their brand image. Consumers may ultimately benefit by sharing their true feelings about a vehicle.