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Most dangerous cities in the United States in 2014: FBI

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The most dangerous cities in America in 2014 have been identified, and the list has been released. The list is based on data accumulated and reported upon by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), according to a CNN report on Thursday.

The Most Dangerous States in the United States

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The list is topped by Camden, New Jersey. Camden, with its some 75,000 residents is reportedly home to extreme concerns with homelessness, poverty, and drugs. About a year ago, Camden’s policing was transferred from the city of Camden to the county. Due to the city’s massive concerns, more police officers have been hired.

In the past year, 2013, Camden had 57 homicides which decreased by 10 homicides over the previous year. Also, violent crime has declined 38 percent. Yet, the statistics for the size and population of the city are too high. Specifically, the city of Camden has a crime index of 606.4 which is based on a population of 77,250 persons.

The Most Dangerous Cities in the United States: Top 10

  1. Camden, New Jersey
  2. Flint, Michigan
  3. Detroit, Michigan
  4. Oakland, California
  5. St. Louis, Missouri
  6. Cleveland, Ohio
  7. Gary, Indiana
  8. Newark, New Jersey
  9. Bridgeport, Connecticut
  10. Birmingham, Alabama

The FBI data tracks violent and property crimes.