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Most common fresher jobs in Delhi

Explore Delhi's job market
Explore Delhi's job market
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Delhi, the national capital is considered a job hub and the city lives up to this title quite well. No matter the job hunt is for a fresher or an experienced professional, the city has the potential to serve all. You just need to be on the right track to reach out to the suitable opportunities. If we specifically talk about the jobs in Delhi for freshers, the city can surely bring good fortune to them. Even if they are not specialized in any specific field, they can go on to explore many job roles that Delhi holds for them.

Some of the common jobs always prevail in Delhi's job market. Now, how suitable is it take any of that jobs depends on the candidates. You can scroll through the following jobs for freshers in Delhi and make a choice, whether to opt for them or not.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

BPOs in the capital have become the most beloved employers for the freshers. Soon after completing their degrees, many of the entry-level professionals think of grabbing a high paying job in a BPO, which seems to be a convenient option available to them.


If you have just completed your studies and are on a rigorous job hunt, it's possible that most of the job opportunities you will get are going to be for sales. If you have the talent to influence people to initiate a buying action or decision, then you are surely made for this job. Many fresh graduates try their luck in their first jobs working as sales executives with an insurance company, a real estate firm, a bank or some other entity. The job pays well, but most of the times, it's target based.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most sought-after jobs for the young professionals in Delhi. In the last few years, the social media platforms have gone beyond just the social networking and have become the precious branding tools for the businesses. And, this has smartly been turned into a profession in the recent years that most take up as jobs.

Advertising & Communications

For most of the entry-level professionals in Delhi, who are just out of their colleges, advertising is a viable option. Initially, they may not be able to get a job in an advertising agency, but they can surely opt to work as interns in these companies. Advertising is a job that always requires passionate and creative resources, and so it is always dominated by the presence of such young passionate professionals, who are on the look out for a job.

Public Relations

Public relations is yet another sector that invites entry level professionals to work as interns. PR jobs are among the alluring job opportunities for freshers in this era. They initially may join a PR agency as interns or trainees.

Event Management

Event management is another common job for freshers in Delhi. The youngsters in the capital are lured with the jobs in event management. Most of them are captivated to work as event planners, anchors and other such jobs.

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