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Mosquitno Band

Mosquitno Band
Mosquitno Band

There are a million great reasons to get outside this summer. But one that might keep you locked inside? Mosquitos. Nothing like ending a great weekend of sunshine and being outside with itchy red bumps that won’t stop bothering you for the rest of the week.

And not only are mosquitos pesky and annoying, they can also spread deadly diseases and illnesses like West Nile Virus and Malaria. These serious risks means it’s important to stay protected when you’re outside this summer, and luckily that’s easier now more than ever. Many people combat mosquitos with toxic sprays, but the sprays themselves can be harmful! So how can you enjoy the great outdoors while keeping the bugs at bay, and keeping yourself and your family safe?

Mosquitno’s repellent bracelets are the perfect, all-natural alternative to bug spray. The family-run company launched in 2009 in Kansas City, Missouri with a commitment to develop safe, botanical, nontoxic products with scientifically-proven effectiveness. Their clever, practical Moisquitno Wristbands are a convenient and easy way to repel mosquitos and another biting bugs whether you are hanging out in the backyard, gardening or hiking. They are infused with citronella, and each band lasts for 6 days (or 150 hours of exposure). The rubber wristbands come in resealable packages to preserve effectiveness when not in use. And not only are they non-toxic and DEET-free, they’re waterproof as well. Perfect for kids who love to run through the sprinkler or want to jump in the lake without having to reapply a spray after swimming. Even more kid-friendly are the bright colors offered in the wristbands, including Glow-in-the-Dark, Camouflage and Tie-Dye.

Put away messy, toxic sprays and simply slip on the Mosquito Wristbands and you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitos. They’re excellent for traveling since they take up very little space and eliminate the need to pack one more bottle of liquid – or hunt for spray when you arrive at your destination. Also, no more risk of bug spray leaking all over your suitcase!

Mosquitno Wristbands are $3.99 eat at