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Mosque to be built in Lima, Ohio

Lima, Ohio, population 38,771 is a city of great diversity. A city that is dying in the manufacturing and good paying jobs area. Lima is also a vital tool in the defense system of the United States. In fact, Lima is the hub of retail, eateries, and energy economy for the West Central Ohio region. The medical profession has also been a great input into the economy. But I am afraid all of this could change in the near future. To add to this, the Christian faith has been the bedrock and cornerstone to this local society.

In some of my travels, I have come across cities and towns similar to Lima. They reached their because God has blessed them because the kept their foundation in the Christian faith. The minute a non-Christian religion moves in, the economy takes a tumble. Sure they may bring in much needed professionals, but they do not have the commitment of excellence in their no-professional lives.
Motels, rentals, food industry, and community upkeep are excellent examples. Using cheap quick fix its, they refuse to pay good money for repairs, and sometimes they are slow to repair. Over pricing for the quality of service is another problem. All this so they can force Americans to live in a third world atmosphere they are so used to living in.

I see this kind of downgrade coming to Allentown Road, and surrounding area in Lima, Ohio. A muslim doctor wants to build a mosque on Allentown Road, and after 9/11 it scares a lot of people. Because of our location, our military importance nationally, our oil importance to the area, I can see a lot of terrorist activity hiding in our midst. They “ also believe once we have this establishment it will help the interaction between different Faiths. they hope the Mosque will bring the members of the community closer to each other with a greater understanding of each other's Faith”. Since when has the muslims been tolerant of the Christian faith? Since when has the muslims been tolerant of the Jewish faith?

It is time we quit fooling ourselves. To be sucked into their “peaceful, greater understanding” of each other, only to be attacked because we are Christians or Jewish, is not my idea of a good reason to allow them to advance into grabbing property and sending money overseas for the terrorists. The mayor may be blind to this, but it will be too late when all hell breaks loose. The muslims, in general, have yet to stand up to the terrorists, have yet to condemn their actions, and condemn the inhuman treatment of women, and have yet to show they can live in a civilized world. I'm sorry, but that is the way I feel. If they want to live in America, they must pledge allegiance to America, our God, and denounce the inhuman treatments of the female population, and terrorism. And they must live up to our quality of living. Real Americans will accept nothing less. God is our God, Jesus is our Savior, and no other god will be tolerated in America. We live in a country that has a constitutional guarantee of free speech, freedom of the press, therefore if they want to be here, become a citizen, and enjoy the freedoms.

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