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Mosque controversy a distraction from the big picture in the middle east

The controversial mosque near ground zero has angered many Americans who view it as a direct assault on those who were murdered on September 11. many question the motivation of the Iman who said that our foreign policy was an accessary to 9/11, for building his mosque within close proximity to ground zero. This issue as been taken up by venues such as Fox News and has brought allegations of Islamophobia.

Congressman Ron Paul said that in his opinion oppostion "has come from the neo-conservatives who demand continual war in the Middle East and Central Asia and are compelled to constantly justify it." He said they never miss a chance to use hatred toward Muslims to rally support for the ill conceived preventative wars" and compared it to how“Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”

many of the indiviuals who vehemently oppose the mosque have also defended open borders and illegal immigration. Bill Kirstol of the Neoconservative Weekly Standard who launched an add with Liz Cheney opposing the mosque  defended illegal immigration stating that he is "a liberal on immigration.... What damage have they done that's so great in 20 years since the 1986 amnesty]?... What's happened that's so terrible in the last 20 years? Is the crime rate up in the United States in the last 20 years? Is unemployment up in the United States in the last 20 years? And they've been contributing to the U.S. economy and not damaging U.S. society. There have been marches with Mexican flags, which conservative talk radio is up in arms about. I mean, are these people serious? Are these people—what, are they going to be traitors to the U.S.? I am pro-immigration, and I am even soft on illegal immigration."

While the opponants of the mosque make legitimate points the about the motivations of the Iman they fail to see the big picture in our conflict with radical Islam. Islamic extremism is a legitimate threat to the west but we are fueling it by our foreign policy and enabling it further through multi-culturalism and a liberal immigration policy. Islamic extremist has become a huge problem in Europe because of demographic changed caused by massive immigration. The Neoconservative movement seeks to capitalize on Islamophobia to gain support for wars in the middle east but fails to adress the roots causes of the conflcit.

The Iman is an outspoken critic of US foreign policy and has said that the United States has more muslim blood on its hands than Al Queda. 9/11 hyjacker Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has stated that his hatred against the United States was primarily motivated by our unconditional support for Israel as well as our backing of undemocratic Arab regimes in the middle east.

At the 12th 9/11 commision hearing on June 16, 2004 in Washington DC Vice Chair of the Commision Lee Hamilton asked "I'm interested in the question of motivation of these hijackers, and my question is really directed to the agents. ... what have you found out about why these men did what they did? What motivated them to do it?" FBI Special Agent Fitzgerald stated "I believe they feel a sense of outrage against the United States. They identify with the Palestinian problem, they identify with people who oppose repressive regimes and I believe they tend to focus their anger on the United States." This testimony was kept out of the 9/11 Comision Report.

At a latter Comition on foreing policy a member of the audience asked Hamilton I had a quick question for you sir. I had spoken with you on C-SPAN about a month ago ..." Immediately Hamilton interrupts him, "I think we'd uh ..." The questioner persisted, "why aren't we addressing the gorilla in the room? The gorilla in the room is US support for Israel." Hamilton didn't respond and dissmissed the quesation stating "Alright sir. Alright, this is a conversation you and I ought to have. Let's not take up the time of our resource people. May we go to the next question please?"

Hamilton latter co-authored a book titled "Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission" where he admited some commissioners "listed U.S. support of Israel as a root cause of al Qaeda's opposition to the United States indicated that the United States should reassess that policy."

While I agree with the Iman that our foreign policy is the main motivation for terrorism and hatred agaisnt the United States in the muslim world he speaks from a foreign perspective rather than someone who is looking out for the best interest of the nation and has recieved funding from foreign governments so it is understandable that many Americans are unhappy about the mosque and question the motives of the Iman

Outlets like Fox News and Neoconservative pundits which are outspoken agaisnt the mosque were complacent in stiring up support for the war in the Iraq and are now promoting war with Iran. they are using the controverst to stir up anti-muslim sentiment to gain support for further millitary involvment in the middle east. If they have a problem with growing Islamic influence in the west do something about immigration but don't use it as an excuse for more unessesary wars.



  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Excellent observation, young man. Excellent observation.

    Age will teach you the difficulties in throwing stones at Goliath.

    But don't let that stop you. :)


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