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Moshiach the voice from within

The skies reveal the inner seal of Moshiach
The skies reveal the inner seal of Moshiach

It doesn't make sense to pray for Moshiach when we aren't even close to having our own houses in order. To think that a higher being would subvert our free will goes against every principle of unification. It is also indicative of hubris to ask for intervention when by our own actions we must be held accountable every day. The answer is that we each have to clean up our own houses and help others to do the same.

Instead of calling for Moshiach we can call to that highest connection within each of us by which the worlds of love and light may come into being as a part of the natural outflow of good central to the continuous cause that is Creation. It therefore become the personal quest for each of us to find that which is Moshiach inside of ourselves. In this way we take responsibility for making the world a better place.

Okay the premise outlined is that Moshiach is an internal result of our work within that filters out into the world transforming it by a genesis of good works. Conversely when we seek outside of ourselves as in longing for a deliverer we are really co-opting our responsibilities and forever keeping Moshiach at arms length, a shadow that ironically recedes from us the more we chase after it.

The principle here is that in order to align ourselves with continuous Creation we have to be circumspect in asking for that which may only evolve out of our own innate understanding of what we are and the potential that each of us represents.

Does this mean that Moshiach is a chimera a construct of our imagination that is presented as the last resort of hope? The answer is no and turns out to be something far more deeper and pervasive within our own consciousness. Descriptions of Moshiach repeatedly fall short because there is an attempt to bring forth something that our eyes cannot possibly see from without. The truth of Moshiach is that it is a concept that is only realized within the fully awakened consciousness.

Holy men, clergy, sages, great scholars, Talmudic masters even the mystic giants of Kabbalah have not the vision to encompass such a grand awakening. Their arguments are that only when Moshiach comes can such an awakening take place. What lies closer to the truth is that our journey to experience Moshiach takes no one else other than a realization that we have to bring forth the best that is within ourselves. It in only in this spirit that Moshiach appears since only then can we lay claim to our own revelation of holiness. It has to be personal, intimate and at the same time be all encompassing, even world embracing.

In order for Moshiach to appear we must actively seek this experience not in repetitive phrases or prayers but rather in pointed, marked intention that goes directly to the source. 

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