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Moses was on Nile

Moses on the Nile
Moses on the Nile
Hasnaa 47

Moses was the prophet of the God Allah (Elohim in Hebrew is a singular word) to the seeds of Israel; he was a descendant of Jacob’s offspring, Isaac and Abraham. The Prophet Moses was born in Egypt. The Pharaoh ordered his soldiers to kill every newly born male. Allah told Moses’ Mother to put him in a wooden box and to put the box on the Nile River. The pharaoh’s wife saw the box floating, and she ordered her servants to bring it. When they opened the box, they found Moses. She asked her husband, the pharaoh, to keep him. (

After Moses spent his childhood there, he left to Median village. One day while he was sitting with his family, he saw a fire on the Mountain of Toah in Sinai, Egypt. Allah ordered Moses, “Go to the pharaoh and show him My signs and ask him to believe and to worship Allah and ask him to let the seeds of Israel to move from Egypt to the Holy Land of Jerusalem.”

Then Moses and Aaron went to the pharaoh with the signs of Allah, but he refused to believe, Moses and his brother asked the pharaoh to let the seeds of Israel to leave Egypt, but he refused. Then, Moses asked Allah to punish the pharaoh and his followers, and in response, Allah sent to the pharaoh and his people the plagues.

Moses told his people to follow him to Jerusalem. They followed him to the red sea, while the pharaoh and his soldier chased after them. Allah said to Moses to hit the sea with his rod to split the water into two parts, north and south, and they crossed to the other side of the red sea. Then the pharaoh and his soldiers followed them, but the sea returned back as one, drowning all of them. Pharaoh’s body was then found as an example and he said during his last breath that he believed in the God of Moses, but Allah did not accept his repentance. He and his followers will be damned on the Day of Judgment.

Moses and the seeds of Israel left Egypt, but on their way to Jerusalem, Moses went forty days to worship Allah on the Mountain of Toah. During those days, Allah revealed the Commandments to Moses and his people in the form of stones.

So Moses and the seeds of Israel worshiped Allah (Elohim in Hebrew), the Absolute One, and it is forbidden for them to believe in the trinity. Muslims believe in the prophet Moses as a prophet of Allah to the seeds of Israel, and the trinity is also forbidden in Islam. (

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