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Morrowind Rebirth version 2.03 released

Morrowind Rebirth
Morrowind RebirthModDB

Mod developer trancemaster_1988 has released version 2.03 of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind mod "Morrowind: Rebirth", available for download now on ModDB.

This mod includes rebuilt cities, over twenty new creatures, better landscapes, and more.

From the mod's description:

Rebirth started of in 2007 with my ”New Cities Project” which basiclly can be described as town expansions. Even though they got good reviews and became quite popular, I couldn't stop to think of how Morrowind could have been if Bethsoft had spent more time developing the game, rather than rushing it to keep the masses happy. After loads of hours I finally made the decision to merge all my mods into one single project, into what is now known as Morrowind Rebirth.