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Morrissey comes to Palace Theater in Waterbury on October 6

Well for all of us Morrissey fans who have been pleading, “Please, please, please, let me get what I want,” our wish has been granted. Morrissey is returning to Connecticut on October 6 to play the Palace Theater in Waterbury.

Morrissey comes to Palace Theater in Waterbury

Okay, if I need to tell you who Morrissey is then . . . well, shame on you. But just in case, here is the official Morrissey Facebook page. According to The New York Times:

“Morrissey isn’t just any singer: he has become one of the defining rock stars of the past few decades by virtue of his grand voice, his grander songs, and his charming habit of playing with melodrama.”

Oh, Morrissey, we are all so fond of you and your melodrama.

For more info on this charming man, click here for True to You A Morrissey Zine, which is dedicated completely to Morrissey. I’ve been told by an avid Morrissey fan that “if it’s not on True to You, it’s not true and don’t believe it.” On True to You you will find:

“ . . . news and information relating to Morrissey and his work; tribute polls and poll results; and other features, articles, poems, photographs, drawings, and comments reflecting respect and appreciation for him.”

I see there is also a spot where you can ask Morrissey a question, which will be published along with the answer. How cool is that!

So above I mentioned the avid Morrissey fan who has been giving me info and has been invaluable in my writing this article. That fan is Geoff Silverman who, alongside Nick Gjoka, writes the blog trouble loves me...everything Morrissey blog. Geoff, a Connecticut resident, has been writing his blog since 2009 and according to an online interview in which Amy from Amy’s Clubhouse speaks with Geoff:

Geoff’s Morrissey knowledge is insane . . . . Geoff, of course, was present at all of the recent west coast shows Morrissey just wrapped up — and he’s seen Morrissey upwards of 80 times over the past two decades.

Check out the interview for Geoff’s perspective on the recent tour, Morrissey through the years, and his own top 11 Morrissey/Smiths songs (complete with videos). For literally everything else Geoff can tell you about Morrissey, a list too long for me to type up, check out trouble loves me.

So for all of you who just became fans based on the blogs and the others of you who, like me, grew up listening to Morrissey, sometimes moping and sobbing uncontrollably and sometimes dancing and singing loudly about how we should hang the DJ, tickets for his show at the Palace Theater went on sale this morning.

This will be the first time that Morrissey has played Connecticut since March 29, 2009 at the MGM at Foxwoods. So you probably don’t want to miss the chance to see him here this time around. At this point, all sections are still available and the prices range from $42 to $62. Um, scratch that—the $62 tickets are no longer available. That was fast so if for some reason you are holding out on buying them, you probably don't want to wait too long. Follow this link to do it now.

I'll see you there. I'll be the one dressed completely in black because as well all know, “I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside.” Okay, not really, but . . .


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