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Morris Catholic defeats Immaculate Conception in the state sectional

Morris Catholic vs Immaculate Conception in the Non Public B state sectional championship.
Morris Catholic vs Immaculate Conception in the Non Public B state sectional championship.
Reggie Malz

Morris Catholic defeated Immaculate Conception, 58-48, in the NJSIAA Non-Public B state sectional championship.

Morris Catholic's Charlotte Schum scoring a three pointer
Reggie Malz

The Morris Catholic guards are fundamentally sound and have high basketball IQs. They catch the ball on two feet, choose their pivot foot depending on where their defender is, pass fake, and square up for all shots. On several plays they caught the ball on the block, did a head fake, waited for their defender to jump, and then passed across the lane to an open cutter for the layup. They have incredible range and can hit from all the spots on the three-point line.

At the end of the first quarter Morris Catholic led 21-4 and at the half they led 34-7. Morris Catholic Charlotte Schum is a great point guard. She knows how to jab and pull back to avoid getting called for five seconds. Her eyes are always up, she sees all her teammates, and knows when to shoot. She finished with 1 rebound, 5 assists, 1 steal, and 15 points.

In the third quarter, Immaculate Conception communicated better on defense and contested several shots. In the second half, they out scored Morris Catholic 41-18. Khay'la Latimer really came alive from the three point line. She hit three three-pointers and ended the game with 10 points, 1 blocked shot, and 1 steal. Nicole Skelly, Whitney Ly, and Autumbn Webster contributed three pointers of their own. Morris Catholic lead 48-23, at the end of the third quarter.

Morris Catholic's Alexa Guiliana has great shooting form and deep range. She had 20 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal.

Immaculate Conception Stats
Jasmine Gee - 4 DR, 2 OR, 1 A, 8 PTS
Breyenne Bellerand - 1 DR, 1 OR, 1 A, 1 S, 4 PTS
Samantha Fuehring - 2 DR, 2 OR, 2 A, 1 S, 11 PTS (1/3 FL)
Nicole Skelly - 1 DR, 3 PTS
Paige Frankel - 4 DR, 1 OR, 3 A, 2 PTS (0/1 FL)
Khay'la Latimer - 1 B, 1 S, 10 PTS (1/2 FL)
Kaitlin McGeown - 2 DR, 1 OR, 1 A, 2 PTS
Whitney Ly - 1 S, 1 A, 5 PTS
Autumn Webster - 1 A, 3 PTS

Morris Catholic Stats
Alexa Giuliana - 2 DR, 1 OR, 1 S, 20 PTS (3/7 FL)
Charlotte Schum - 1 OR, 5 A, 1 S, 15 PTS (0/1 FL)
Stella Johnson - 4 DR, 1 OR, 2 S, 2 A, 2 B, 7 PTS (1/4 FL)
Kate Feeney - 3 OR, 4 A, 12 PTS (4/6 FL)
Rachel Mills - 4 DR, 2 A, 2 PTS (0/1 FL)
Claire Johnson - 1 DR, 1 OR, 2 PTS
Sam Garzon - 1 DR

DR = Defensive Rebound
OR = Offensive Rebound
S = Steals
A = Assists
B = Blocked Shots
PTS = Points (total points scored)
FL = Foul Line (amount made, amount taken)

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