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Morrill Hall offers free admission on Thursday nights

The University of Nebraska's State Museum, better known to many in Lincoln as Morrill Hall, is offering free admission from 4:30 to 8pm on Thursday nights through June, July and August 2012.

Go along and see the many wonderful and varied exhibits they have on display, get out of the heat and maybe learn one or two ( or even three!) things. Our children LOVE to visit the State Museum and are always enchanted by the mammoths, the lions, the dinosaurs and of course, the gift shop. I guess if we save the entrance fee going in then all the more loot to spend on treats!

It's always heartening to hear of museums and galleries offering reduced rates or even free admission.. many families struggle to make ends meet as it is, especially right now in the current economy. The opportunity to visit a museum for many a family is simply out of the question due to the cost, but surely this sort of thing should be available to all citizens, no matter their economic situation.

Good for you, Morrill Hall. Good for you.


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