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Morpheus Stabilizer Kickstarter project reached goal plus inventor interview

Increasingly in US & Canada, Kickstarter projects have become the go-to method for aspiring entrepreneurs and inventors to raise funds to make their dream projects come true. Yesterday on November 18th, I had a great & insightful Skype video interview with Canadian entrepreneur Dennis Wood, inventor of Morpheus, (an affordable (starting from C$125) stabilizer for GoPro, smartphone, and small cameras), right after he reached & exceeded his Kickstarter project campaign goal of C$25,000 after creating his project 6 days ago (on November 12th).

Morpheus Stabilizer Kickstarter project reached goal plus inventor interview
Kempton Lam

During the Skype interview, Dennis even took time to show me an impromptu demo "fly around" of the office using an iPhone 5 with Schneider Optics' iPro wide angle lens to give me a first-hand LIVE sense of what it feels like to "fly around" . My apologies for the lower quality footage as the Skype video and the recording software reduce the video quality considerably. You can see the best quality of what Morpheus can do by checking out The Run (a clip shot with the Morpheus Stabilizer) and its Kickstarter pitch video.

So far, Dennis has raised $33,000+ in 7 days exceeding his original campaign goal of $25,000 and he still has 23 days to go to raise more money. Have a watch of this extensive video interview with Dennis. And a Morpheus Stabilizer "fly around" demo by Dennis himself. Plus Morpheus Stabilizer's Kickstarter pitch video.

The Morpheus Kickstarter project closes on December 12th, 2013.

Note: While Morpheus Stabilizer project page stated "Small Cameras under 300 grams are ideal", it can work with ~600 gram super-zoom cameras.