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Morninghead cap gets rid of that dreaded 'bed head'

The new Morninghead cap gives you a fresh head of hair in seconds
The new Morninghead cap gives you a fresh head of hair in seconds

It's the worst feeling.

Wash your hair in seconds with Morninghead

Bed head.

Maybe you wake up in the morning and don't have time to shower. Possibly you had a rough night and face that inevitable"walk of shame" to get home. Or maybe you've been wearing that ball cap all day and now your friends are headed to a semi-nice restaurant where you don't want to enter looking like your been pulling an allnighter for that calculus final.

Max Valverde, founder of the revolutionary Morninghead cap has helped people in 45 countries (and counting) not only get 10 more minutes of sleep when they need it the most, but also help people look their best when they may not be at their best.

"We're giving busy people time for breakfast," explains Valverde. "We're making your life less hectic."

All with the Morninghead cap.

It looks like a shower cap, and it is, but without the shower.

The Morninghead cap can trap more than six times its weight in water with no drip or spill. It's easy- fill the cap with water, put the cap over your head, apply the necessary pressure, take the cap off your head and then you can dry your hair off with a towel.

Then after use, turn the cap inside out and wring the water out. Morninghead can be used more than 100 times and be hand-washed or washed in a machine.

Morninghead is your chance to eliminate bed head, hat hair, bike hair, nap hair and more.

Keep your hair looking fresh by going to

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