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Morning Watch July 8th 2014

Morning Watch
Morning Watch
Alfred DaCosta

Whenever you purchase something, you are waging your decision between the forces of quality vs quantity. Chocolate O's can never substitute Oreo cookies. In the same breath, Equate Shampoo will do the job just as Pantene Pro V will. If you pinch your pennies and clip your coupons just right, you are on the road to economic nirvana.

As your mentor, we will practice budgeting and balancing your life book. The methods used are ones that work. We will navigate the entire human experience. The first step is to connect with God every morning first thing. Jesus is the answer.

Listen to the broadcast video that comes with this article featuring a special guest, Lillian DaCosta. She will give us a little insight on her reflection this morning.

Tools: Pen, Bible, paper, orange juice.

Christ's Divine Nature: It is the deity -the God Head that is the foundation of our faith.
The God Head must have voiced their agreement that if humanity become short of the glory of God that one of them would have to intervene and suffer death for humanity, mere human could not accomplish such a task.

And as the lot fell on Christ, revealing himself as our Messiah and Savior was his job. He being aware of their entrapment with intent to kill Him; Christ revealed himself as the Messiah gradually.

In Luke 5:17-26 Jesus method of healing was questioned. Jesus asked, "what was easier, to Say thy sins are forgiven thee, or take up thy bed and walk. He then emphasized that the son of man has power to forgive sins on the earth."

The Scribes and and Pharisees preconceived idea of who the Messiah is, blinded their eyes to the revelation of himself as the one who has the power on earth to forgive sins. Although they were the spiritual guardian of the people.

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