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Morning and Evening star Venus

Liz Houle

Since ancient times there are two distinct types of Venus in a chart which has been considered - Morning Star Venus and Evening Star Venus. Morning Star Venus rises before the Sun each morning while Evening Star Venus sets after the Sun.

Many modern astrologers using computer programs instead of watching the night sky as the ancients did, have lost touch with some of these important considerations in astrology charts like the Morning/Evening Star Venus.

Astrologer Ronnie Dreyer wrote about the historical celestial studies of Venus's appearance in the sky by the ancient cultures (including Babylonians and Sumerians) in her book Venus the Evolution of the Goddess and Her Planet.

Ancient astrologers foretold of omens when Venus disappeared (hidden behind the Sun's rays in a conjunction or combust) between it's Morning and Evening Star positions when Venus was visible at sunrise or sunset.

Dreyer writes in her book, "It was said that the Morning Star's [Venus] appearance in the eastern sky roused the soldiers to war, while the Evening Star's arrival on the western sky induced passionate lovemaking and followed by restful sleep. As a result, the aggressive Morning Star and the soothing Evening Star exemplified the two faces of Inanna [Venus] - 1) the wrathful Goddess of War and 2) the tranquil Love and Fertility deity."

In natal chart analysis, when Venus is in her Morning/Evening Star positions, Dreyer writes that Morning Star Venus, " . . . it is more likely to convey her jealous, possessive aspects as well as proud, victorious qualities . . .The Evening Star, on the other hand, signifies the more passive, peaceful and loving Venus noted for her sensuality, beauty and facility for co-operation and harmony."

Venus signifies how we give and receive love and affection. Venus signifies what we need and how we go about obtaining companionship. Venus also denotes our creative abilities and how artistic we are or aren't. Afflictions to Venus show difficulties in how we relate and where we have the most challenges in relationships. A powerful Venus in a chart indicates someone who is peaceful, charming, romantic, and loving. A weak Venus would indicate the opposite. In a man's chart Venus indicates the type of woman he desires. In a woman's chart Venus represents how she expresses her love and affection in relationships.How Venus is placed by sign, aspect, and morning/evening position will be most accurate in analyzing a chart.

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