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Mormon women denied access to all-male meeting at Temple Square Conference

Mormon women want to be equal to men in the Mormon Church, but Mormon women are being denied such status. Approximately 500 Mormon women – organized as members of ‘Ordain Women’ - attempted to enter the Mormon Church’s males-only session of the Mormon’s Spring Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on Saturday, according to a Reuters report early Sunday.

Mormon women march to religious conference on Saturday for equal treatement to men - but denied the right

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The members of the female group ‘Ordain Women’ marched through inclement weather including a hailstorm on Saturday from a park – where they gathered – to the Salt Lake Tabernacle on Temple Square. Temple Square is the center of a four-block campus that is the world’s home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The women of ‘Ordain Women’ were attempting to obtain open seats at the males-only priesthood meeting at the Mormon’s semi-annual conference on Saturday evening. They were once again denied admittance – as this is the second time in the past half-a-year that they have attempted to become part of the all-males meeting.

The women – with a number of males who support their efforts – were turned away at the door to the meeting. Prior to Saturday’s meeting during the conference, the church’s officials stated that they were quite displeased with the group’s refusing to accept ushers’ directives and refused to leave when asked to do so.

‘Ordain Women’ strongly objects to being viewed as protesters of the church. Kate Kelly, who co-founded the group with approximately 20 other females last year, said that 'Ordain Women' is not a group of activists or protesters. She maintains that the women are people on the inside, investing in an institution – and not critiquing it to tear it down – though one can easily see the group’s actions as being very critical of the Mormon Church.

Their concern is that males who are ordained to the priesthood in the Mormon Church can perform religious rituals such as confirmations and baptisms as well as can be called upon to lead congregations. According to the report, women are basically powerless in any matters of the church governance, not being allowed to make any autonomous decisions – says Kelly.

For religious reasons, women are allegedly not equal to men in governance of the Mormon Church.

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