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Mormon College Station young woman helps family in need - watch video

Shoes for the needy
Shoes for the needy

What started out as a simple desire to help grandparents who were serving a mission ended up inspiring this young women's school. This video presented by Oliver Hadnot the principal of College Station Middle School tells the story of how student Kate Hinckley converted her desire to serve and to do good into a skill and talent that she didn't know that she had.

Kate’s grandparents reported that a particular family that they were serving on their full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was having some financial challenges. Upon hearing this news Kate decided that she should do something that might help ameliorate their plight.

She came up with the idea of decorating running shoes. She then planned on selling them and giving the proceeds to the needy family. The plan was excellent except for one tiny little problem. Kate did not view herself as artistically inclined, at all.

A kind hearted art teacher spent some time with her and helped her realize that she did indeed have artistic talent. It only needed to be brought to life.

Soon her decorative shoes began to attract the attention of class mates and then finally, the Principal, Mr. Oliver Hadnot!

At first he found the shoes to be very creative and stylish. He even considered getting some of them for his daughter. Upon inquiring where the shoes came from he was surprised to learn that one of his students, Kat, was making them.
Principal Hadnot seems to have succeeded in not only finding shoes that his own children can ware, but also with supporting Kate in her new found artistic talent.

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