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Morgan Stewart's blog Boobs and Loubs goes down from traffic

Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang
Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang

Tonight viewers got to see a new episode of "#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills." On this Feb. 23 episode, Morgan Stewart talked about her blog Boobs and Loubs. This is the one thing that she works on right now and a lot of her fans didn't know much about it until the show tonight.

Her fans immediately went to the Internet to find her blog, but the problem was that it was down. It got so popular that her site was unable to handle it. This is a great sign for Morgan considering that she really wants to focus on it and let her fans know all about it so they will visit.

She revealed tonight that her blog has been out for three years. It is like a diary and she shares everything with the entire world. You will learn more about Morgan Stewart than you ever want to know but it is fun to read it all. Her mom shared with her that she needs to get back on her blog and it is attractive if a woman has a way to make a living on her own. Do you want to know what the '#Rich Kids' are worth? Find out at this link.

New episodes of "#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" air on Sunday nights on E!.

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