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Morgan Smith Goodwin: Wendy's commercial has everyone talking about actress

There is a gorgeous red head now heating up the Wendy's food commercials on television and everyone wants to know who this girl is and a bit more about her. On Thursday, News OK shared a bit about Morgan Smith Goodwin who is best known now as the Wendy's girl. She loves their food but now everyone loves her. This girl is stealing the hearts of millions.

Morgan Smith Goodwin
Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for Art of Elysium

She is nameless in the commercials. The 28-year-old Alabama native named Morgan Smith Goodwin added her second surname after marrying Dave Goodwin. Her husband is a manager of New York City restaurant Gramercy Tavern. This girl with her red hair reminds everyone of Wendy from the sign.

If Morgan Smith Goodwin is the little girl named Wendy who was on the ads, then they did a great job of casting her. She doesn't wear the braided pigtails anymore but she does have the signature red hair. They have not admitted yet that this is who she is though but everyone is assuming.

She is loved so much that a new website was made for her. It is called Wendy from Wendy's. It was made just for fans of her and now it is a great way to get to know a bit about her. There is a fan page for her on Facebook, information about her and even pictures of Morgan Smith Goodwin. The person that made this site is obviously a huge fan of her and has nothing but amazing things to say about Morgan. Make sure you check out this link for a few more pictures and information about her.

Everyone remembers a commercial that is their favorite, but it is kind of crazy that one girl would gain so many fans this easy. Morgan Smith Goodwin has made a lot of fans as the new Wendy's girl and everyone is loving her. Hopefully they will continue to put her in their future ads on television.

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