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Morgan Lander of KITTIE interviewed by BANG YOUR HEADlines in Hollywood

KITTIE are currently touring with INSANE CLOWN POSSE

Those crazy, heavy metal Canuck cats in KITTIE are touring with the Juggalos and INSANE CLOWN POSSE (ICP, to the uninitiated).  Before their July 27th show at Hollywood's mighty House of Blues, lead growler Morgan Lander had a long chat with Dave Brooks, one of the sick and twisted minds behind music news program BANG YOUR HEAD!(lines).

Be forewarned: this is not an interview for the faint of heart!

Dave & Morgan don't leave many subjects untouched, no matter how frightening the content.  On the bright side, all of you Lander/KITTIE fans are going to hear some things that you've NEVER heard from this band before, and for the rest of you, there's still some pretty crazy insider info on the music, the metal, and the meatheads that love ICP.

For more info: See the second part, along with some live footage, at Release List!


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