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Morgan Freeman 'Tonight Show' appearance shows actor sucking helium

Morgan Freeman made a big appearance on "The Tonight Show" where he actually sucked helium during the show. It was a strange appearance but had everyone laughing. On Friday, New York Daily News shared about what happened and how things went while he was on the show. He is known for his famous voice but it certainly didn't sound the same while he was talking to Jimmy Fallon.

Morgan Freeman
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

This was all a recreation of another time that Morgan Freeman actually sucked on helium. It was for a promo clip that was for "Through the Wormhole" on The Science Channel. Fallon talked him into doing it by saying, "I do love your voice and everyone loves your voice, but I was wondering what your voice would sound like on helium."

This episode is going viral and is a great one. Everyone is rushing to watch Morgan Freeman on helium. If you missed the big performance, you can check it out on the video on this page. It is one worth watching. Freeman even teased that what he was doing was actually undignified, but nobody seems to mind that at all. He was quoted as saying, "I really shouldn't be doing this. It's very undignified."

After they had their fun with the balloons, Jimmy did tell him that he wants him to come back to the show again. Freeman said "I'm never coming back again." Obviously he didn't mean it but it was an interesting episode of the show that is for sure. Fans would love to see him return to "The Tonight Show" again. You have to wonder if he will end up actually using helium to make himself talk funny again in the future.

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