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Morgan Dollar on the Pile

44,690,000 were minted in 1921. In Philadelphia mint. I just bought one from a large coin service. They buy and sell all the time. My collectible coin is in almost uncirculated condition. I would estimate its value at 100 dollars. I paid 80. I will hold it most likely till my estate gets rid of all my coins. I signed up for a collection through the mail. They will send me Morgan and Peace silver dollars until the whole collection is sent. They charge 40 a month, sent one coin every two months. It is not a bad price deal, even for seniors on social security like me.

I hope to find more Morgans. Due to the Pittman act, they melted lots of Morgans and Peace dollars. So, even with almost 45 million minted, no one knows how many remain. It makes investing in silver dollars even better for the average collector. Each one contains .7735 troy ounce of silver. the current silver alone value of a dollar coin is 16 dollars. Then you have the numistical value. So, your collection will seldom go down for a loss.

Uncirculated 1921 Morgans go as high as 200 dollars a coin. So the better the coin, the more money you will need to invest. I used to find used Morgans and Peace dollars at my local pawn shop in a basket. Wish I had bought all them "fish" ha ha. I still stop by the pawn shop now and then, to see if any fish fell into their laps.

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