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Moreno malevolence

bright exterior hides a smoky past
bright exterior hides a smoky past
J. Bauer

One of the oldest houses in Colorado springs sits still on East Moreno. On the 700 block just short of Shooks Run.

Built in 1895 it was the victim of the controversy arising from the old Grand station for the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe / Colorado & Southern Railroad lines. When they moved several houses on the old Moreno Avenue half a block North to make an offshoot track for side railing trains for the area.

Apparently some home owners were not happy about the move and the threat that this line might carve it's way even further into the neighborhood bringing it's noisy cars right by their back door was enough to make quite a disturbance for those whose job it was to move these people along. Some used any means necessary and some ways were downright nasty!

Fire was a known way to get revenge in Colorado Springs. Hundreds of reports of vengefully set fires in the area are well documented in the Gazette's archives from those many years ago.

One of those cases ended badly for all involved including the fire setter.

One of the railroad's men (though the order was publicly denied) snuck into the Moreno house one night while a family of five; Mother, Father, a young teen girl, and her two little brothers lay fast asleep in their beds. With lamp oil he fervently doused the curtains, furniture, cellar posts, and beams and then set them alight!

Unfortunately for the vandal the fire whipped up a firestorm in a hurry slamming the cellar door on him and trapping him in the inferno too.

Neighbors fought to quench the flames and even though the fire hose got there and quickly doused the house, saving the structure, everyone in it died of smoke or, in the case of the offending railroad agent, burned to ashes.

The house was rebuilt and kept by surviving members of that original family up until the 1980's and that's when the story really begins.

The next tenants only kept the house 5 years before selling it again and the buyers refused to live there themselves ultimately renting the place out because it would not sell.

One of the ex-tenants who lived there in 2000 remembers the first signs something was wrong.

Things started happening the first morning I woke up there. I had set my alarm for early so I could get another load of stuff from my old place but I decided to sleep in late and as I turned off the alarm I heard my sons toy motorcycle start making noise when no one was around it.
It kept making noises until I said out loud "Give me a break!I want to sleep in."

Other things were constantly happening such as keys missing, knick nacks moved, loud banging noises, and my 10 year old at the time was always complaining about his toys being missing.

Finally after a month and a half of this I contacted a friend who does spirit writing to figure out exactly what was going on. We spent one whole night asking the ghosts questions. It turned out from the writing that there were the ghosts of 12 children ranging between the ages of 1 year to 17 who bounced into our house from several other locations to hide from an evil ghost that was trying to catch them and steal their souls.This person was responsible for their deaths in the late 1800's by setting a fire that he was also trapped in and died.They called this spirit 'Whitey Man'.

In the morning after this reading my friend took off and my son an I went about our daily routine.

That evening we decided to stop and grab take out on the way home . When we got home my son went to the back door to let our dogs out while I took the food out of the bags and turned on the TV and kicked off my shoes.
By this time I'm wondering where my son is. I call him, as he is walking in the living room with a weird look on his face. I asked him "what?" and he said that as he opened the back door a mist surrounded him and he felt disoriented and scared.I told him to get in the car, as I walked out of the house I heard a loud boom that shook the house. I think the mist was Whitey Man looking for the children and when he didn't find them decided to try and take my son's soul instead. We drove away from that place and never went back even though I left a few things that were quite valuable to me there.

The house is still occupied and so far no unusual occurrences have bothered the tenants but then, they don't have children living there either.

* Please do not bother the current tenant with requests for ghost hunting as they are not too keen on other disturbances either!


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