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More work in May budget revise

Adam Benjamin
Adam Benjamin
Mayor Faulconer adds more revenue to proposed 2014-15 budget spending.

Tuesday, at the May budget hearing, Mayor Kevin Faulconer assured San Diegans the city will have more money to use to set a faster pace on recovery work. Revised projections for property taxes and TOT money gave Faulconer the opportunity to make his decision to raise the general fund budget by 22.7 million dollars.

City departments will take spending money out of the larger budget to deliver on Faulconer's plans to upgrade city infrastructure and return public safety work and neighborhood services to standard San Diego levels.

The additional budget money gained in the 7.2 million dollars in higher property taxes expected from properties in the city that was assessed at a higher property value in May, and the 1.4 million dollars in TOT revenue expected following higher than expected revenues in February and March, will pay for additional work done by the city's departments. Another 770,597 dollars in TOT money will reimburse general fund money spent on work done by the Parks and Recreation and Economic Development departments on tourism.

A workforce expansion in the Mayor's May revise budget deisgned to set up a workforce for Faulconer's department plan will add a net 20 employees. Faulconer's new COmmunications Department will hire a Director, and, 23 employees transferred from other departments. The department that will handle both internal communications and public information, and all the city's communications, will have employees that worked at the Public Utilities and Library departments. It will house CityTV and Multimedia Services.

The year's CONNECT2Careers spending woll cost 50,000 dollars less in general fund money. Funding shifts to the TOT Economic Developmment Program.

Community development spenders will have bigger pockets. The CIty of San Diego will put seed money in a public-private Transit Oriented development Fund used by CIvic San Diego and the Housing Commission for work on affordable housing and community streets and business development.

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