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More work from home writing jobs

Hillary (lamenta3) on

If you live in Louisville, or if you don' are more work from home writing jobs for you.

  • Helium - This is another site that pays residual income based on page views and article rank. This is a site where writers can submit articles to a market place where they can be bought by magazines and the like. Keep in mind, that it can take a while for your articles to be bought.

  • Bright Hub - This site can be a little confusing initially. Articles can be written in editor managed channels or community managed channels, once you choose that, you then need to apply for a channel in your area of expertise. Pay is page view based and the writing is not as good as it could be. It’s a good idea to use a pen name on this site.

  • Text brokers - Pays pennies per word, but the higher your level of writing, the greater your pay.

  • Experts123 - This site has stricter editors than most, though staying to their guidelines will make for less rewrites.

  • Info Barrel - This site is fairly new with a rather old school feel. Pay is 75% of Ad sense and grammar and article structure is very laid back. Being as it is so new and on the ground floor, so to speak, there isn't a whole lot to say about it just yet.

  • eCopywriters - Pays 2 cents a word for Level 2 writers and requires 3-4 short articles a week before you can be upgraded.

  • Seed - Seed allows writers to choose topics the site suggests and upfront earnings are based on the writer’s expertise. This site is competitive but profitable.

  • Bukisa - With Bukisa you can earn residuals on other writers you have recommended and you can also use previously published work from other sites. Pay is not that great but over time could build up to something.

  • Hub Pages - This site allows you to create your own pages, refurbish previous-published articles and earn money on your work. You earn money through ad sense and share the revenue with Hub Pages.

  • Constant Content - This site has three types of income, a one-time article price, a usage fee, and a unique price. Articles range from $15 to $100.

  • Wise Geek - This site requires articles to be in an academic style and pay $10-$15 an article.

Want more job sites, try the Work from home writing jobs pages attached to this article and before you sign a contract, check writers work from home tips list.



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