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More women are entering the construction business

Construction used to be considered a man only occupation. The work was hard and required a large amount of strength. Many of the male construction workers only felt comfortable working around other men.

But that is starting to change. More and more women are entering the construction field and advancing. Some are seeking to become general contractors. Others are focusing on becoming electricians, plumbers or carpenters. They are becoming more confident around construction sites and around the construction business.

"I am working to become an electrician. I like to work with my hands and I am good at electronics. I believe this is a good field to be a part of and I looking forward to a career as an electrician," said Bridgette Franco.

"My goal is to become a general contractor. My father was a carpenter and my uncle was brick layer. I love working outside and I love getting my hands dirty. I believe there could be some good opportunities for me and people like me in the building industry. Right now, I am working as a carpenters helper in Miami and I am learning a lot about how buildings come together. I am also learning to work on a construction crew," said Amy Goode.

"I want to see how far I can go in the construction industry. My family has been involved in the building trades. I tried college but I really did not like it and I could not see spending four years there. I really would rather build something than study a book. I am working with my uncle and I am learning how to build houses. I like the work and I can't wait to see how far I can go," said Carolyn Turner.

Men are becoming more accepting of women on construction sites. "I was not sure about working with women on a construction site. But the two women I am working with are good at what they do. They work hard and have a good attitude and that is all I care about. I hope to see more women on the job," said Mike Biggs.

"I believe women are very good at construction work. I have worked with three women and they all worked hard," said Stanley Kruger.

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