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More violence erupts near Pakistan’s busiest airport; Taliban vows full-out war

KARACHI, Pakistan – A training facility, which is next to Karachi airport, under attack by militants, Tuesday, two days after the assault on Pakistan’s busiest airport, officials said.

A training facility, which is next to Karachi airport, under attack by militants
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Flight operation resumes on Monday afternoon. However, it was suspended again because of the latest attack to one of its terminals.

“The situation is one hundred percent under control,” said Col. Tahir Ali, a spokesperson for the Airport Security Force.

He said the attackers arrived on its motorbike and opened fire from outside the airport’s security fence, toward a training facility adjacent to the airport.

After heavy exchange of gunfire, the attackers escaped into a poor neighborhood, near the airport. A search operation is under way, he said. No one was injured, said Col. Ali.

CCTV pictures showed security forces firing to militants in a ramshackle neighborhood, near the airport.

According to Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa, a spokesperson for the military, three to four attackers were unable to come near the security fence of the airport. He said the "chase is on" for the assailants.

Late Sunday attacked left at least 28 people dead when heavily armed militants had entered the cargo terminal of the airport while Tuesday’s attack followed a six-hour gun-battle at the airport.

The ASF facility is close to the airport’s terminal one, used primarily for cargo and VIP flights, and the site from which the Taliban, on Sunday, tried to infiltrate the airport’s main terminal three.

On a separate incident, seven bodies (airport workers) were trapped inside a cold storage facility, in the terminal one, were found by rescuers, early Tuesday morning.

This latest violence comes against the backdrop of a major split in the Pakistani Taliban, and threats of retaliation is imminent against military operations and Pakistan’s tribal northwest.

It has brought the government of Sharif under renewed pressure to order tough action against the Taliban, correspondents say.

the Pakistani military launched an air strikes in tribal areas of the northwest Khyder region, killing at least 15 militants, officials said.

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