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More UFOs seen over Ancaster, Lake Ontario & London – part 2

Martha Jette captured this strange object over Hamilton, Ontario in May 2014.
Martha Jette captured this strange object over Hamilton, Ontario in May 2014.
By Martha Jette

May continues to kick into high gear with more UFOs being spotted over Ancaster, London and Lake Ontario. According to a National UFO Center report, a resident of Ancaster witnessed three or four glowing “orange/red single glowing orbs in the sky on May 6, 2014 at about 9:22 p.m.

On May 9 a resident of Greece was standing on a dock overlooking Lake Ontario. Facing northwest he noticed some strange lights and took some photos. Although some people who have seen them believe they might have been meteors, he does not think so.

“It didn’t look like a meteor to me. How a meteor would show up on the camera would be like a stream of light,” he said. “These were weird, bizarre shapes.”

One feature that struck this Examiner as exceptional is that one of the objects appeared to be much like a UFO photo taken by Paul Shishis – also over Lake Ontario - in September 2013. Although it is not exactly alike, there seems to be similarities.

To view the May 9 photos, go HERE.

London lights

On May 10 a London, Ontario resident spotted five “bright lights moving in different directions. According to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) report, the witness was “Standing outside after the hockey game (around 10 p.m.).”

The witness wrote that the five lights were seen “far out and not too high up. The lights seemed to not be moving but I thought they seemed to move a bit.” Over the next few minutes, several of the objects “dispersed from one another and disappeared completely.”

Only two lights were then visible. The witness noted that they appeared to move closer to each other and eventually disappeared as well.

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