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More treats than tricks for Halloween costumed visitors in Wicker Park


HorsemanArrivesWith each ring of the doorbell, there was another opportunity to choose a treat over a trick from Halloween costumed visitors in Wicker Park. They came one at a time and one dozen at a time.  They were cute and they were scary or just hysterically funny.


With so many different and wonderful costumes, it is impossible to say which would win prices for most unique, prettiest , cutest etc.  But it was nice to have such polite visitors this year.  The big kids were caring of the little ones and they all were having such a wonderful time.

There was an award for the biggest laugh, it went to the man who "rode" in on his horse, selected a certain type of candy then rode off again.  Perhaps you know him.

What are your votes and comments….enter below…about the attached tricksters?

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