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More Tools for the Online Seller - SellerVantage

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I sell on eBay and Amazon FBA (Fullfilled By Amazon) and I also sell on consignment for many people. Some are friends and family, others are strangers who find me as a former eBay Trading Assistant (eBay eliminated their program Fall 2013). Keeping track of sales, no matter who they are for is time consuming. Listing items, taking photos, all adds up to valuable time we put into our online selling businesses.
I found a tool that I LOVE! It’s called SellerVantage and it allows the seller to list on eBay, Amazon and Craig’s List all at the same time. Why didn’t I invent this? Add a consignor, add their inventory and list away. It has the scheduling feature for eBay listings to happen exactly at the time you want them to appear, at no extra charge.
Here is my work flow with SellerVantage:
Add new client
Add a list of 10 items in their inventory. It give each item a unique number. There is a line that you can fill in - “Where inventory is located”. Brilliant. No more lost or missing items.
List on multiple channels depending on type of item. Large items may go to Craig’s List, items with a bar code may go to Amazon, collectibles go to eBay.
Once sale is complete, fill in the shipping info, payment info is imported and at the end of the month, using voucher checks (I ordered online), cut a check with the commission plan you have established for that client. Send them the check with an itemized listing of sales.
Go over reports of all kinds to see how the business it doing.
I have only scratched the surface with this web based program. The cost is flexible depending on the amount of listings you create and upload. One month was $25, another was $149. It’s like having a built in bookkeeper for your consignment sales.
When sales are completed, you can select from a list: retire item, donate item, return item and snap, you’ve accounted for that person’s inventory. There are a number of ways to find clients in the alphabetical listings. You can add listing fees and shipping costs to an item. You can add tracking info and all sort of info inside this brilliant app.
If you are a consignment seller, give SellerVantage a try. It has changed my business for the better. I am really organized now! I am actually looking forward to cutting client checks at the end of each month now!

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