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More thoughts on Christianity and deathbed conversions

In writing in the past column about the deathbed conversion of Ted Bundy on the eve of his execution by Dr. James Dobson of the Focus on the Family religious extremist group, several other things came to mind.

In the above, Dr. Dobson “Led to the Lord”, Ted Bundy, the nice looking young man who in his criminal career killed somewhere between 30 and 36 young women, perhaps more about which we will never know. “Led to the Lord” is the parlance that the Christians like to use as if this is a good thing.

Thus, according to Christian belief and principles, this kept Bundy from the agonies of hell, the flames of the damned and the torture of Satan, the horror and pain of an afterlife that goes on forever.

But then I also think of Anne Frank, the Jewish child in hiding with her family and a few friends in Amsterdam until all were caught by the Nazis. With her family, she was transported to Germany and the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where so many died.

Anne Frank died at the age of 15, early in March, 1945 before British troops could get to Bergen-Belsen to release and aid prisoners. Just when and how she died, no one knows. It is assumed that she died from disease and malnutrition before she could be gassed.
Subsequent to the ending of the war, her surviving father found her dairy and the rest is history.

Realize of course that Anne Frank along with her family was Jewish. Thus, by not being Christian and believing in Jesus Christ and his beliefs for her salvation, she would be today in hell. That’s according to Christian beliefs of an afterlife, heaven, hell and salvation.

There are of course others who like Anne Frank, had beliefs differing from those of Christianity. These also, despite any good works that they might have done in life, would also be suffering the flames and agony of hell for now and eternity from the time that they died up to and through all eternity.

And because little 15 year old Anne Frank was Jewish when she died and gave little thought about Jesus, she would have been for 69 years now writhing in the agony of the flames of hell for her belief from her parents as one of “God’s chosen people” – Jewish.

Sorry, but I just can’t buy this Christian belief nonsense that they are right and the smugness of that attitude among the 10,000 or more religions of the past and present. I cannot buy the cruelty of a hateful, evil, vengeful God condemning through his word or the word of his little boy (Jesus) millions to an eternal everlasting period of agony.

Something is wrong with a God like this; something is wrong with a religion like Christianity that teaches and preaches such nonsense and evil. This is a good God who would condemn an innocent child like Anne Frank to an eternity of agony?

Just think of the comment of H. L. Mencken on a similar situation. “The fact that I have no remedy for all of the sorrows of the world is no reason for my accepting yours. It simply suggests the strong possibility that yours is fake.”

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