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More than your grandmother's sweater: Golden Hook's 2010 look book

A few days ago the French brand Golden Hook uploaded its newest 2010 look book showcasing vibrant, handmade hats and scarves.

A view from the 2010 Golden Hook Look Book released Jan. 8, 2010.
Photo taken from WebsiteGoldenHook's YouTube channel.

Now if you don't know Golden Hook, here's the best part. If you go to their site and want to order your own hat or scarf, not only do you get to pick out the color or kind of material that you'd like, but you also get to choose the granny who will knit it for you. According to the Golden Hook website, the "grandmas have been trained at the International Golden Hook Knitting School Beta plus Alpha where they were taught the art of stitches and hooks."

Interesting to say the least. Check out the look book below. I feel warmer already.


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