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More than the Tahj Mahal and China’s great wall

What an adventure for Cheryl and Jamie from Los Angeles. Leaving their desert home gave them an amazing adventure in India and China. Greece is their favorite destination, but they went to the India and China even though they were off the beaten path to Greece. Read their amazing experiences.

“Our time in India so far has been amazing. People were so sweet and kind. We never forget their smiling faces and appreciation for everything but, of course, there is rampant poverty. We visited The Tahj Mahal which is the most magnificent structure in world. The opulence of it was like nothing we had ever seen. Then, outside the gates, there are people living in primitive unhygienic squalor; water buffalo pulling carts, chickens, pigs, donkeys, monkeys running around along with sacred cows. It was mind boggling and amazing. Nothing I've ever read or heard prepared us for poverty, filth, and chaos; yet we find the country and people are quite beautiful. We flew to Nepal in the morning to see the Himalayas by a mountain flight to see and climb Mount Everest. It was simply majestic. I will begin work in Indian countryside villages on the way to New Delhi with a group of volunteer physicians touring India's Golden Triangle along the way. As I said, India was amazing. I definitely want to return. Nepal was very primitive, dirty and poor, but lovely just the same. There are so many sweet people in India.”

Back to Cheryl’s thoughts of Greece, she continues to state, “Take a swim in the beautiful sea for me. The Sea is what I love most about Greece. There is no blue like the Mediterranean Sea's Blue. The people are also quite kind and friendly.”

And as for China, “we had a fabulous time. Glad we saw China, but have no desire to return. The Yangtze River Cruise was very boring. Yes, we met some very nice people, but majority are very abrasive, superior acting, and very unfriendly. People in street, stores, and restaurants were mostly rude and abrasive. A lot of what we as Americans would consider yelling and strife between people seemed to be everywhere. It is not comical or charming like Italy, Greece or Spain. Guttural sounding language certainly contributes to the negative perception as well. I’ve I loved and adapted to them all in a spirit of adventure, but I must say I did not find the Chinese culture charming. The worst experience was how two Chinese born doctors in our group were treated-with disdain and hostility. In India, we were treated like royalty, everyone especially Indian doctors were very appreciative and eager to hear and learn what we had to share. Definitely, it was an amicable exchange of ideas and dialogue. This was not true of China. In China, we were treated with an air of arrogance like what did we think we were doing there. Chinese doctors also acted very superior."

"All in all, it was a stressful trip. Next time: sun, sand, beautiful beach, big stack of books…Hard re-entry. We both arrived home sick. We have lots of stories, lots of wonderful experiences. We crossed four things off our Bucket List: Tahj Mahan, Mount Everest, Terracotta Warriors, and Great Wall. Next year, we look forward to Machu Picchu. I hope you enjoyed Cheryl and Jaime’s experiences to India and China. I also enjoyed hearing about Greece. It made me homesick. Traveling is fun and provides us with unique and exciting experiences."

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