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More than a hash tag needed

The recent news of two hundred seventy five (reports are anywhere from two to three hundred) Nigerian school girls kidnapped from their homes and families by the Boko Haram, (the Nigerian Al-Qaeda group) is absolutely horrendous; it goes beyond the imaginable.

First Lady Michele Obama shows support for bringing back the kidnapped Nigerian school girls
First Lady Michele Obama shows support for bringing back the kidnapped Nigerian school girls
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Amnesty International rally in Washington D.C.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It should be noted that this group is known to be a terrorist organization who kidnap young girls and sell them into slavery; this is reportedly part of the way they finance their terrorist activities.

This time however, they say the girls are being held hostage in exchange for prisoners they want released.

The first thing which comes to this writer’s mind however, is how does a nation or community and their families allow such a thing to happen?

Were there no fathers, sons, mothers, etc. willing to lay down their lives for their daughters?

Although it is impressive that the people responded via Twitter with a “#Bring back our girls” message, was that their only defense?

Don’t get me wrong, things are much different in Africa.

Christians and Muslims are actually in more violent conflict there than in the mid-east and it’s more aggressive due to the ever changing political climate.

Having known many Christian missionaries to various areas of Africa over the years, the stories of greed and tribal competitiveness are almost more than our western mindset can comprehend.

In the mind of the poor African villager constantly fearful of tribal uprising which might include anything from gang rape, female circumcision, marring or branding of the body or removal of body parts, fear is real and constant.

People will believe and do almost anything for money and/or food; they need both in a great way throughout Africa.

Tribal groups might be pro Christian one day and Muslim the next or one sect of Islam and another the next.

Africa is simply a mess.

Because of its ever changing politics, religious beliefs, tribal practices and geographical difficulties, any kind of encounter is dangerous; America has always hesitated to do more than the occasional special operation primarily in humanitarian relief.

Even then, there have been problems in getting the aid to the people who really need it.

The geographical problems are nearly insurmountable. Even with all of our modern technology, the indigenous African always has the advantage in any kind of conflict.

Once again, was the only defense for parents and friends of these girls, a “#Bring back our girls”?

Is a photo of our first lady holding up a sign which says #Bring back our girls in support of the “hash tag campaign” the best we as Americans can do?

We as Americans should also be livid over our first African American President’s response on a recent campaign fundraising trip. Although he admitted his concern, he linked the Nigerian kidnap with children victimized by the Syrian war and basically admitted he is powerless in this situation the same way he was in Syria.

Really, Mr. President? You are powerless?

Is Barack Hussein Obama not the President of the most powerful nation on Earth?

He admitted that he has no ability to do anything about this and said he wakes up thinking of the Nigerian school girls (abducted by these Islamist extremists) facing a life as sex slaves.

Is this is all an American President can say?

For the sake of all that is right and decent, Mr. President, this is embarrassing.

For goodness sake sir, you can and we should as Americans say, enough is enough with the hot bed of terrorism that Africa has become.

It is true that President Obama has offered aid to Nigeria and some U.S. Marines already on the ground have captured two of the Boko Haram but there is so much more which needs to be done.

Let’s not just stand here playing politics; that goes for both parties.

These are children and teen agers Mr. President.

These young girls did nothing wrong; they were simply trying to get an education on a road to a better life.

Please Mr. President, let’s not stand by with just a photo of your wife holding a sign saying, “#Bring back our girls”.

Let’s really help bring back these girls; let’s do whatever it takes.

This is not about Democrat or Republican or Liberal vs Conservative; this is about right and wrong.

© 2014 Dr. Lee W. Outlaw III

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