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More than a game ESPN's Eric Wedge on leadership through baseball

Fort Wayne, IN: Click the link below to get the full story on the World Baseball Academy's "More than a game" message and watch the "More than a game" video. Eric Wedge and Caleb Kimmel-president WBA, both Fort Wayne Indiana natives, have combined their efforts to promote the teaching of leadership in baseball and in life.

Their message is clear; quality leadership can be taught through the principals of baseball. Using baseball games, tournaments, camps, and instructional programs Caleb believes, as does Eric, that life lessons can be learned on the baseball field.

Of course, in order to attract a high level of interest, of young baseball players, the facilities must be up to date. To that end, a fund raising campaign has begun. The goal is to acquire the needed funds to upgrade the present fields, at the Ash Center, for the World Baseball Academy. When complete travel teams, coming to Fort Wayne, will enjoy a modern facility for tournaments; not only national baseball programs but for international baseball programs, as well. Denny Sutton, Partner, Burt, Blee, Dixon, Sutton & Bloom, LLP and The Fort Wayne Sports Corp are huge supporters of this effort.

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