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More than a dozen dead dogs found in bags near Southeast Bakersfield

Why are people dumping dogs along a moderately busy road in Bakersfield?
Why are people dumping dogs along a moderately busy road in Bakersfield?
Marley Mutts Animal Rescue Facebook

Bakersfield Police and investigators from the Marley Mutts Animal Rescue are not sure why the areas off East Pacheco and Cottonwood Road have become dumping grounds for dead dogs, but on Tuesday authorities actively started a search for more information according to

Following up on a tip she read on Facebook, investigator Teresa Masion, Animal Control, and a detective from the Bakersfield Police Department found five bags of dog remains in various stages of decomposition. Many of the dogs seemed to have died peaceful deaths; no signs of any violence were found, however one very recently deceased large dog had numerous bite marks on his face, chest, and legs, possibly significant with having been involved in dog fighting.

According to the Marley Mutts Animal Rescue Facebook page, a few different factors may be the reason for using the area as a dumping ground:

"I think there could be a few things going on here, one on top of the other: 1) the community doesn't have a place to dispose of the family dogs that perish naturally or otherwise and 2) there is a cultural/criminal element operating in the area that needs to be investigated and prosecuted if at all possible. It would be great to have a HUGE dog fighting prosecution and victory, whereby would be dog-fighters would, from NOW on, have serious reservations about continuing the practice for fear of legal ramifications. As it stands now, laws are vague and cases too difficult to prosecute. We need to eradicate this problem with furious and tactful detection so that it doesn't catch on and become a fad. Dog-fighting is about the most cowardly thing a human being can engage in and we need to teach our kids and those that may have been corrupted by this element of society that you will only come to grief and be met with potent resistance if you have anything to do with the fighting and killing of dogs."

Sgt. Joseph Grubbs stated many of the dogs had collars. A necropsy will be performed on the larger dog to determine if he had been involved and died as a result of dog fighting.

Zach Skow, the director at Marley Mutts, stated he also found a few bags which contained the remains of fighting cocks.

If you have any information about these dogs, please contact Marley Mutts at (661)-821-1327. Please be the voice for those who cannot speak.

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